The American's Guide to the Auld Scot's Tongue

About the author:

Torquil MacInnes

Torquil MacInnes was born in Glencoe, soul of the Scottish Highlands and a name that resonates over the world.  He was educated in Edinburgh and Dundee.

Seeking work, he joined Scotland's biggest export - people - the Scottish Diaspora, the 40 million Scots and Scots descendants who live in other countries. Torquil is active in the International Association of Clan MacInnes, meeting up with others of the Diaspora eager to find their Scottish roots and see where their ancestors came from. These people provided the spark which resulted in this book.

Torquil has long been a musician and folk singer, with a keen interest in the language behind the songs. He is fascinated by regional variations in the songs, and the astonishment which struck him on settling in Dundee, that the language can be so varied in a small country.   He has performed in Scots at folk clubs and Burns Suppers in Scotland, England, even France.

Torquil and his wife, Janice, now live in the West of England, but since his three sons are now grown up, the Scottish heart strings are tugging that wee bit harder.

This book offers some light-hearted but inforative guidance to the visitor to Scotland to understand such things as menu items, road signs and phrases hear in the bars. Also has a Scots-English and American English-Scot dictionary along with pronunciation guides and explanations behind the words and phrases.

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